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Frequent Questions

What is your experience?

We have been art consultants since 1986.  Our specialty is designing art programs for major corporations, particularly Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.  However, no job is too large or too small.  We service the entire Southern California area.

What is your expertise?

Our staff has degrees in art and business. Our senior consultant is also a published artist with Bruce McGaw Graphics of New York and Galaxy of Graphics, also of New York.  With hundreds of clients and nearly 20 years of experience, we can confidently say, "We know what we're doing".

What type of quality do you provide?

We purchase art exclusively from the top decorative fine art print publishing companies in the world.  Our framers are top of the line master craftsmen who have been custom framing art for many, many years.  All work is guaranteed to your 100% satisfaction.

What about pricing?

Our prices are very competitive and affordable.  We are generally lower than typical suggested retail pricing, with additional discounts for volume orders.

What type of turn-around do you offer?

Standard turn-around is usually about 3 weeks.  All graphics are ordered and specified according to the consultant's instructions, once a deposit of 50% has been received.  Once images are submitted to framing, an installation date is selected, which is usually about 2 weeks later.

How are the framed pictures installed?

Most clients prefer for us to install the artwork.  Our installers are seasoned professionals.  All work is done according to the consultant's instructions and all images are hung with one or two heavy duty hangers for extra security.

What is your guarantee?

With nearly 20 years of successful corporate design, we know what we're doing and we do it right the first time. However, sometimes there are things that can and do go wrong. We offer an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first year.  We service our clients for as long as they need us to make sure their facilities are beautiful, professional and safe.

How do I go about hiring your company?

Either call us at (714) 963-3071 or email us using the Contact link at the top of this page or any page on this site. We will be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have. A working budget of what your company is prepared to allocate must be in place, however, before an appointment can be scheduled.

An appointment with the key decision maker will then be scheduled for a consultant to visit your company.  At this time more information regarding your goals and needs will be discussed, along with a walk through of the facility. The consultant will make all necessary notes regarding the number of locations, sizes, format, colors, architectural elements, your company's image, the types of art your decision makers are interested in acquiring and so forth.  

What happens after the initial consultation?

Typically the consultant has enough information about your wishes at this point to pull together an art program for your consideration.  This will not be done, however, unless a firm budget has been approved.

After a working budget is approved, the consultant will prepare a fully designed art proposal, with back up imagery.  A second appointment will be scheduled to show the proposal to any and all decision makers.

The decision makers will then have an opportunity to approve the designed proposal and request any changes they wish.

What happens after the proposal is approved?

The consultant will request a 50% deposit of the working budget. Once that has been received, the art images will be ordered.  When they arrive, the consultant will specify for the framing department exactly how each image is to be framed.  Specifications include the size, frame profile, mat colors and styles, and any additional decorative treatments.

Once specifications are complete, the images along with the specifications are turned over to the framing specialists.  Within 2 weeks most orders are complete and ready for installation.

What happens after the images are turned in to be framed?

When the images are turned in to the framing department, a completion date is secured and set aside for delivery and installation.  We do not generally generate a final invoice  until all of the images have been installed, because the price is controlled by all of the various elements of each piece, plus the installation time. However, an estimate of all charges can be created at this stage if the client wishes.

Once a completion date is secured, the consultant will schedule a delivery and installation date with the client, securing all necessary information with regard to delivery.  Clients are asked, on larger projects, to provide the consultants with a "staging area" upon delivery of the artwork.

A "staging area" is simply a room or area near the project area for the consultants to place the art while it is being distributed and hung in the appropriate locations throughout the facility.

All images are hung professionally with the safest hooks available.  In most cases, two hooks are used for each piece of art to afford double the security, which also helps the images remain level over time.

What happens after the artwork is hung?

The consultant will request a walk-thru by the client representative to make sure everything has been done to the client's satisfaction. Should any adjustments be requested by the client, these are made cheerfully and immediately.  The project is not considered complete until the client is fully satisfied.

At this time, the consultant will ask the client for a brief testimonial and any referrals that the client might be willing or able to give.  We really appreciate client referrals.

Once the client is satisfied, an official invoice is submitted to the company for final payment. 

How involved does the client have to be?

While every project is different, clients may be as involved in the process as they wish.

Some clients prefer for Designer's Art & Frame to pick out all of the images for their approval.

Some clients prefer to receive a pool of images that the consultant feels would be appropriate and then choose from the pool of images what they would like.

Other clients prefer to have the consultant bring catalogs to their offices and let each employee pick out what they would like, with the consultant's help and advice.

So it just depends on how involved the decision maker wishes to be in the process.  We are comfortable with whatever method a client chooses.  Our goal is to make it as quick and easy for the client as possible, so we prefer the first method, however it really is the client's choice.  Our system has been developed over many years, and it works very well.

Why do you go the extra mile to service clients?

We value every one of our clients.  We not only want our clients to be overwhelmingly satisfied with our quality and service, our reputation is on the line.  Some of our business comes from the kind referrals our clients give us and we value that.

We also recognize that clients often have additional needs for artwork and we want them to think of us whenever they have additional needs. We always try to treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.

What if I have additional questions?

We will be more than happy to answer any additional questions. Please email us by clicking on the Contact link at the top of this page.  Or you can reach us by phone at (714) 963-3071 or by FAX at (714) 378-2771 or (213) 749-5657.

Thank you for your interest.

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